Â-chû Thien-sṳ Yû-han Kûng-sṳ̂ (Hiông-kóng)

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Â-chû Thien-sṳ Yû-han Kûng-sṳ̂(亞洲電視,簡稱「亞視」英語Asia Television Limited,aTV) (官方英文簡稱aTV[1],簡稱為「亞視」。於1957年5月29日正式開業,前稱麗的映聲及麗的電視(Yîn-ngîRediffusion (Hong Kong) Limited,官方英文簡稱RTV),he Hiông-kóng1982年9月24日易名亞洲電視並一直沿用至今。它是香港首間收費電視台,後來轉為免費收看,亦是全球第一間華語電視台,公司曾多度易手,與無線電視同是目前香港的兩家免費電視台。

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Slogans over the years[編寫]

Rediffusion Era[編寫]

  • 1971-1972: 8 to 9 on Rediffusion, Great drama every night (麗的八至九,好戲日日有)
  • 1972: Today's Rediffusion, Your Rediffusion (今日既麗的,你既麗的)
  • 1972: Great programmes on Rediffusion everyday, no need to read the Tung shing (麗的節目日日精,駛乜睇通勝)
  • 1973-1974: So many great programmes on Rediffusion, Why change the channel? (麗的咁好睇,何必再『手禁』掣)
  • 1974-1976: 8 to 9 on Rediffusion, a new wave of wuxia (麗的八至九,武俠新潮流)
  • 1977: Raising a thousand sails, showing our colours (千帆並舉展繽紛)
  • 1977: Watch Rediffusion tonight, tomorrow night, and every other night (今晚、明晚、晚晚睇麗的)

Asia Television Era[編寫]

  • 1978: Living your kind of life
  • 1984: Turn on to ATV
  • 1987: Gold and Diamond shining upon Hong Kong: ATV shows its brilliance (黃金鑽石耀香港、亞洲電視顯光芒)
  • 1988: Perseverance (奮鬥) [2]
  • August 1993- Cooperate and fight for creativity, March shows its brilliance (協力爭創意 三月顯光芒)
  • 1993: With vigor, striving for perfection (憑幹勁 精益求精)
  • 1996: Embrace every moment (擁抱每一刻)
  • 1998: A newer than new ATV, a newer than new choice (新新ATV,新新的選擇)
  • End of 2001-Early 2002: Using our hearts to enter the new year (用心邁向新一年)
  • 2003: Dare to think, dare to create, a hundred flowers will open (敢想敢創,百花齊放)
  • 2004: Creativity, Power: Asia Television (創新.動力.亞洲電視)
  • 2004: 2004: the tide is on Asia's side (2004勢在亞洲)
  • 2005: Strive for creativity, choose Asia (追求創意 選擇亞洲)
  • November 2005-February 2006: The real power is at Asia (真的力量就在亞洲)
  • February-October 2006: Original creation: a new shining point (原創.新亮點)
  • October-December 2006: Asia Television, I support you (亞視.我撐你)
  • January-September 2007: It's all because of you (全因你而起)

aTV Era[編寫]

  • September-October 2007: A new logo, a new power, a new atmosphere (新台徽,新力量,新氣象)
  • October-December 2007: aTV can be watched like this (可以咁睇aTV)
  • January-March 2008: I can decide, the choice is boundless (由我作主,選擇無極限)
  • January-March 2008: aTV Digital Television, The choice is boundless ( aTV數碼電視,選擇無極限)
  • March-April 2008: The restless life, aTV (生生不息,aTV)
  • April-May 2008: The Spring flares, stronger as it goes (春日花火 愈戰愈強)
  • May-August 2008: Rally for China, cheer for heroes (為中國加油 為英雄喝采)
  • August 2008-May 2009: The charismatic Asia (魅力亞洲)
  • December 2008-March 2009: aBot fervently supports Hong Kong (aBot熱撐香港)
  • March-May 2009: An exciting evolution: a new digital order for aTV (精彩進化 aTV數碼新秩序)
  • May 2009-Present: Dare to dream, moving forward with happiness (敢於夢想 開心向前)