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你好, fôn-ngiàng kâ-ngi̍p Wikipedia!

Kám-tshia ngì tui Wikipedia ke him-tshi lâu kung-hien, hî-mong ngì tsiông-voi hí-fôn liá-piên. Tshù-liáu fôn-ngiàng tshṳ̀ ngoi, ya tshiáng-ngì liáu-kié yî-ha tshung-yeu vùn-tsông:

Pán-khièn mun-thì kié-tap
Kung-hien nui-yùng pit-sî he Ngì-ke tsok-phín fe̍t-tsá tet-tó su-khièn,
thùng-yi tshai GFDL thiàu-khúan ha fat-pu
Hàn-yû mun-thì? Tshiáng to Fu-tshu Hak-thâng mun-kóng. Phe̍t mong-ki: thó-lun heu yeu-kín Tshiâm-miàng, fông-sṳt tsṳ̂-yit he liù-hâ si-ge Pô-long-vùn "~~~~ ".
If you have any questions about the Hakka Wikipedia, please leave a message here. Thank you for visiting!
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  • Yû ngim-hò phiên-siá song-ke mun-thì? Tshiáng tshai ha-mien kâ-ngi̍p "{{Helpme}}", khì-thâ Wiki-ngìn kien-tó heo tsiông-voi lòi thì-kiûng pông-tshu.
  • Hî-mong ngì nèn hióng-su phiên-siá ngìn-lui khiung-yû tsṳ̂ tshṳ-yù pak-khô ke khuai-lo̍k, sṳ̀n-vì yit-miàng khuai-lo̍k ke Wikipedia-ngìn.

Ngài he fôn-ngiàng ngì ke Wikipedia-ngìn: Jackon 04:29, 14 Pat-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

Language code for Min Dong

Hello Hakka, the language code for Min Dong is "cdo" rather than "zh-min-dong". --GnuDoyng 07:41, 28 May 2007 (UTC)


With this brand new Wikipedia! You have done a tremendous job translating the interface, thank you very much. To make the translation go live (e.g. appear here), you should ask Nike on Betawiki to commit the language, you can do that here. Also, when translating messages later, you should do that on Betawiki as well, so that it will be valid for all projects using MediaWiki (and not just here). Keep up the great work! Jon Harald Søby 10:11, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

I have left him a message here. (Hopefully that is the correct way) --Hakka 10:29, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

龍岩 in Hak-kâ-fâ

Hello Hakka, sorry for interrupting again. Could you please tell me how to write 龍岩 in Hak-kâ-fâ? 龍岩 is a city in western Fujian where most mainland Hakka reside. Thank you! :) --GnuDoyng 13:28, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

Replied. --Hakka 20:55, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

user lang templates

Hi Hakka! thanks. I was just going to ask you to create user hak-0 template, but see that you've done it already. :) I'll work on the logo during the weekend. - Alsandro 06:33, 30 Ńg-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

The logo has been kindly uploaded by User:Spacebirdy already. Thanks anyway. --Hakka 02:05, 7 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Hi Hakka, I uploaded it: Image:Wiki.png. If You need something changed You can contact me. Thank You for Your welcome :)

Best regards, --Spacebirdy 22:55, 6 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

saŋ33 tʰiau33

ŋai11 siɔŋ31 mun53 , ŋi11 jɔŋ53 kai53 tsuŋ31 hak3 ka33 pʰin33 jim33 fɔŋ11 fap3 kai53 su33 ŋip3 fat3 ŋiɔŋ53 pan33 su33 ŋip5 saŋ33 tʰiau33 kai53 fu53 hau53? Dylwhs 15:31, 8 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

If you choose to create articles using the "Romanisation-IPA-Hanzi" version of Hakka, then go ahead and give it a try. It is fine to me. However, I do prefer that you create the articles along with Hakka Chinese characters side-by-side, for example: Vu̍t-lí-ho̍k. This will enable future Hakka users to comprehend the content more easier. --Hakka 21:54, 8 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Retrieved from "http://hak.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Dylwhs"

My user page with the trilexia is somewhat of an experiment at the moment. I've written a small program which lets me convert my romanisation into IPA, with tone values from Hong Kong Hakka. For Meixian Hakka, the tone values are slightly different and different again to Taiwan's Siyen Hakka too. This leaves the use of IPA somewhat regionalising, in terms that authors whose Hakka which can be represented in IPA will differ to someone elses. This makes eventual editing somewhat difficult.
In the above, I was hoping on a response on how you input tone marks in all the articles you've written. This may help other users in future. I find the use of the Hakka dictionary somewhat cumbersome, and does require users to be somewhat knowledgeable in written Chinese in order to use it. However, many potential users may not have any ability in written Chinese, but still can speak it fluently. The use of the romanisation provides a phonemic transcription without the need to resort to the localising tone pitch contours of IPA. However, if I was using a QWERTY keyboard, many of the accents aren't available without knowing IPA codes or keyboard hotkeys. Moreover, certain Hakka syllables like ng and m can be produced in various tones, but tone marks are generally used on vowels. Even using the Vietnamese input is restrictive.
As I see it, the problem of using tone marks must be ironed out first, so that other users are able to write appropriate things. To aid that, I have created a table recently of vowels and other syllabics which bear tone marks. However, I am not sure if they are the correct tone mark characters used. Hopefully, it can be added to the page on romanisation for the benefit of others. Dylwhs 22:19, 8 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)
If you go to this dictionary, you would see that the current default mode is "顯示 聲調符號".
If you scroll down that same list and change that to "顯示 客話數字聲調" instead, then you will understand it more clearer. Fro example, "基督教" using the "顯示 客話數字聲調" mode would give you "ki1-tuk6-kau4", whereas when tonal marks are added, the "顯示 客話數字聲調" mode gives "Kî-tuk-kau". --Hakka 04:58, 9 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)
  • Thank you.--Barryland 21:37, 15 Liuk-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Hak-ka-fa at Betawiki

Hi Hakka. You have done some translation work on the MediaWiki messages at Betawiki[1]. I was wondering if you were still going to work on them and if we should maybe commit the currently changed messages to Subversion so they will be used everywhere. Please let us know. Cheers! Siebrand 11:40, 28 Pat-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

I am currently busy in real life. I do not see immediate need to finish translating. --Hakka 06:17, 29 Pat-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)
Hi Hakka. Just another reminder that a lot of the Hak-kâ-fa user interface for MediaWiki has not been created yet. Hope to see you at Betawiki again, soon. These are the recent changes to 'hak'. Cheers! Siebrand 22:18, 23 Si-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)


Hakka, what does "lòi" mean? Is it "來", "to come"? Hillgentleman 06:49, 21 Sṳ̍p-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Yes. --Hakka 00:56, 22 Sṳ̍p-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)
  • "Fôn-ngiàng kông-lìm lòi Wikipedia ke Hak-kâ-fa pak-khô pán-pún!" - "kông-lìm" already means "loi". Do Hak Ka folks really say it that way? Hillgentleman 09:29, 22 Sṳ̍p-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Please, could you translate this article onto the language of this Wikipedia? Thanks for your help. -- 19:35, 10 Sṳ̍p-ngi-ngie̍t 2007 (UTC)

Ni how mow

Dear Hakka, how are you? Could you help me with a huge favor that would really mean a lot to me? I am wondering if you would be so kind to help me translate a short-stub version of two or three sentences of this article found here for the Hak-kâ-fa wikipedia? Thank you very much for any advice or help you could offer! Yours :) -叶馨 07:59, 20 Yit-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC) P.S. If you know of anyone who knows about these subjects and you think I should ask, please let me know. Thanks again! :) -叶馨 00:33, 25 Yit-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)

Reaching the target for MediaWiki most used core messages

Hi, Hakka.

As you probably know, in Betawiki, there is a group of MediaWiki messages considered essential for a minimum localization to any language. That group is called MediaWiki core message (most used). When a language reaches at a translation level of at least 98% of these messages, it is considered to have the essential localization. As of end of March, there were 95 of the 311 languages at this level and it would be great the increase that number further. As Hakka is currently at 93.28%, very little effort would be needed to reach 98%, or even better, 100%. Therefore, I would like to invite you to complete the missing translations and make Hakka be part of the list of essentialy localized languages.

Thanks for your attention and best regards, Malafaya 16:10, 25 Si-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)


Hi. With the release of MediaWiki 1.13 coming up, I would like to ask you if you can please translate/correct the most often used messages for hak as soon as possible. Thanks! Siebrand 20:20, 14 Chhit-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)


你好, HAKKA 先生. 我就是在北大论坛等地方介绍广东话 PENKYAMP 的 BEOKGUK. 我有一个忙想请您帮帮. 我在粤语维基上撰写了一篇介绍 PENKYAMP 方案的WIKI文, 已经被吴语维基采纳并翻译. 我想, HAKKA 先生的客家语是可以信赖的. 我想请问能否在客语维基中采纳或翻译这篇文章, 或交给哪位可以信赖的客语人翻译. 客家人对族群认同的努力保护, 是所有中国族群应当学习的. 广府人和客家人的母语利益是共生的. 下面请看几个连接:

比较简化的博客型总站介绍 PENKYAMP
Please click to download Penkyamp special characters input software. Password: share
penkyamp 的博客, 新浪
科印网 广东话拼音

望 HAKKA 先生能笑纳:) Penkyamp

Bot flag

Hi, Hakka 您好:

我不知道客家版要在哪請求機器人的許可,所以就直接找您了:)。想拜託您許可我的User:Luuvabot (已經在英語版獲得許可, 在英語和閩南語版做過測試) 作機器人的工作,並麻煩您給它設定一個bot flag, 我會用它來幫客語版wikipedia向英文版或其他版本做interwiki link。 Luuva 08:42, 21 Sṳ̍p-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)

Sorry, I have just noticed that only bureaucrat can do this work. Luuva 06:52, 22 Sṳ̍p-ngie̍t 2008 (UTC)

Translation request

Please, could you make this article on the language of this Wikipedia?. Thanks a lot for your help. If you want to translate any article onto Catalonian language, tell it to me, please. Chabi

might you be interested in adding this to MediaWiki:Edittools

might you be interested in adding this to MediaWiki:Edittools

ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ ㄈ ㄉ ㄊ ㄋ ㄌ ㄍ ㄎ ㄏ ㄐ ㄑ ㄒ ㄓ ㄔ ㄕ ㄖ ㄗ ㄘ ㄙ ㄧ ㄨ ㄩ ㄚ ㄛ ㄜ ㄝ ㄞ ㄟ ㄠ ㄡ ㄢ ㄣ ㄤ ㄥ ㄦ

ˊ ˇ ˋ ˙

Three letters formerly used in non-standard dialects of Mandarin are now also used to write other fangyan. (Some bopomofo fonts do not contain these letters; see External links for PDF pictures.)

Char Pinyin

In addition, diacritics were used to create new letters for Min-nan and Hakka.

Extended bopomofo
Char Pinyin   Char Pinyin   Char Pinyin   Char Pinyin
bb*   oo [ɔ]   syllabic m   ong
zz*   onn [õ]   syllabic ng   Innn ??模板:Fact
jj*   ir [ɨ]   ainn [aĩ]   Final p
gg*   ann [ã]   aunn [aũ]   Final t
ee [e]   inn [ĩ]   am   Final k
enn [ẽ]   unn [ũ]   om   Final h [ʔ]

*These are the "muddy" initials found in Minnan and Wu dialects.

Its as script that can be use to fit hakka with the extra letters. we use it at wuu for annotation when necesary.

an article about the script at zh]

taiwanese aboriginal mountain people

do you know any aboriginal people who speak their language to start a taiwan aboriginal wiki?大天王皇子 19:53, 26 Yit-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

Yes. Nakao Eki from the Amis tribe; Email: nakao.eki[at]gmail.com
Here is a sample Ami song lyric written in the Amis language. --Hakka 01:15, 4 Ngi-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)


雖然我是台灣閩南人,看到客家語維基百科的冷冷清清一樣難過,雖然統計講Active user是講有20幾個人在維護,但實際上大部份是機械人寫的,只為了增加跨語言連接。為了客家語的發展推廣,為了一本能用能參考的客家語線上維基百科,首頁明言開放書寫方式吧,讓更多人進來寫作,漢字、白話字都可寫客家語,這樣才可有更多人參與寫作,寫的文章也讓更多人看的懂,要用漢字還是白話字就依個人習慣,畢竟維基是號稱自由的維基,寫得自由,看得也自由。最後還是一句話,為了客家語維基百科的成功,而不是最後功能變成推廣白話字,首頁明言開放吧!!!(其實維基根本文化本來就是:忽略所有規則,若規則妨礙了你提升和維護維基百科Ianbu 06:48, 8 Sâm-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

也是時候可以用漢字寫客家話了,臺灣教育部的客家語字典都出來了饒平大埔詔安客語辭典,也有線上字典查詢臺灣客家語常用詞辭典(試用版)Ianbu 06:48, 8 Sâm-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)
有看到首頁改了漢字可寫,希望有多點人進來讀寫,愈多人看,愈多的可能會動走去改寫,我在閩南語寫漢字,本來在白話字頁面寫漢字,但考慮到看的人自由,今天我另建漢字頁面,分類也用漢字重建,希望閩南語維基能走成雙文,閩南人兩邊文章都能參考來用,這樣做,我是還不知道閩南語維基管理員是會怎樣反應?--Ianbu 02:42, 10 Sâm-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)
閩南語維基管理員講系統interwiki bot機械人會卡到,分類,詞目不要用漢字,真是無奈。--Ianbu 06:37, 10 Sâm-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)
機械人會卡到後改到討論區寫,譬如電腦,也可內部連接到別的詞目漢文(要指定討論區頁面及位置)。Ianbu 08:46, 15 Sâm-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

blocking vandals

Hello Hakka, I was tracking an IP who vandalized a page here, and blocked him; I see hak: has you as an active admin, and can leave you a message in the future instead. However, I noticed what seems to be a mediawiki bug for hak, perhaps related to localization; please comment if you have encountered this bug yourself.

Regards, Sj 04:47, 8 Si-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)


請閣下全部翻譯成文字、音標,按仔謝!--躍躍欲試~錩達神遊~小躍發亮~發出光芒 06:37, 30 Pat-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

吾會Chan-sṳ̀n你--躍躍欲試~錩達神遊~小躍發亮~發出光芒 10:30, 30 Pat-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

不過,吾想要繼續當上管理員,做得嗎?--躍躍欲試~錩達神遊~小躍發亮~發出光芒 10:31, 30 Pat-ngie̍t 2009 (UTC)

Translation of a short story

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Hak-ka-fa :) I made this page, the English translation is somewhere there. You can put the Hak-ka-fa translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... :( - hu:User:Eino81


Hello! can you please create this article Selena on this wiki? please and thank you! (en:Selena, the English version). AJona1992 18:13, 14 Chhit-ngie̍t 2010 (UTC)

Hello Hakka

We’re looking for someone who could translate and upload on hak. wikipedia this page. Can you help us please? It’s very important for us. Thanks a lot !--Aeron10 19:31, 28 Ngi-ngie̍t 2011 (UTC)


Ngi-ho, ngai he Wikipedia ngin ta Yin-thu-ni-si-ya loi.

Ngai shia yung yin-vun

Why are there no one edit or manage this Hakka Wikipedia? There are vandals too, but where are the administrators? thanks

02Wahyudi (talk) 16:13, 23 Sâm-ngie̍t 2012 (UTC)

Request for translation. Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas

Warm greeting from Belarusian Wikipedia! This year we celebrate 130. birthday of Belarusian great poets en:Yanka Kupala and en:Yakub Kolas Could you help us to translate articles into your unique and honourable language? Thank you in advance! --Rymchonak (talk) 06:22, 8 Liuk-ngie̍t 2012 (UTC)



Mok án yong kóng. ǹg yung kí-pún hak-ngî-sṳ-tién tshiu nèn-keu siá-tshut án-tô hak-ngî-vùn-tsông, liá-tiám tshiu yàng-ko hó-tô fong-hi ve̍t khiâng-sṳ mû-ngî ke hak-ngìn, ǹg tsâng-he ngài-têu hak-kâ-ngìn yîn-kôi oi ho̍k-si̍p ke tui-tshiong. Ngài tshôi liá-vi hiong ǹg tsok-tshut tshui-kô ke kin-yi, tô-tshia-ǹg án-tô ngièn lòi tui hak-ngî vì-kî só tsok-tshut ke kûng-hien. Mnemonic kek (talk) 14:42, 2 Ńg-ngie̍t 2013 (UTC)


汝好:有關界面嘅問題,朋友做得提供建議無? --Anson2812 (talk) 15:43, 5 Ńg-ngie̍t 2013 (UTC)


--Anson2812 (talk) 14:44, 12 五月 2013 (UTC)
汝好,涯已經參照粵語版百科,修改矣上片介隻模板嘅代碼,毋過依然毋見效果,還係無表格效果。左片嘅項目字係豎排毋係橫排,上下分組無法用毋同顏色分開,單淨有一豎。邇隻模板好關鍵,效果毋好做毋得。試比較客家語版模板中文模板嘅差別(源碼一樣),在粵語百科肚試過正常顯示。涯係按照粵語百科修改一兜代碼,結果看 • 論 • 寫 • 歷邇位有效果,其他都無效果。有無有認識在邇方面有瞭解嘅朋友?邇隻問題一定愛解決正得。
--Anson2812 (talk) 15:41, 22 五月 2013 (UTC)
--Anson2812 (talk) 10:53, 23 五月 2013 (UTC)


--Anson2812 (talk) 13:05, 23 五月 2013 (UTC)
--Anson2812 (talk) 12:32, 24 五月 2013 (UTC)
--Anson2812 (talk) 13:49, 25 五月 2013 (UTC)
--Anson2812 (talk) 12:39, 21 六月 2013 (UTC)
--Anson2812 (talk) 07:20, 3 八月 2013 (UTC)

Hello, I have filed a bug for the inclusion of a different font for better display of the Hakka Wikipedia content. Bug number: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53209 . Please add yourself as a cc on the bug to keep track of the progress. You can also write to me. Thanks.--Runab WMF (talk) 11:34, 22 八月 2013 (UTC)

--Anson2812 (talk) 15:20, 2 九月 2013 (UTC)

我在中文維基百科發現有一個名叫“MediaWiki:Common.css”的頁面可以制定全站的字體樣式,然後發現客家話維基百科正好也有這個頁面,就是説要想改善客家話維基百科的字體樣式,直須修改這個頁面。--Great Brightstar (talk) 14:25, 7 九月 2013 (UTC)

Navbox template

Hello Hakka! Hopefully the navboxes are fixed now. I replaced the old template with a Lua implementation and also added the necessary styles at MediaWiki:Common.css. You can delete my test template: Template:Navbox2. If you have any more questions or problems, just ping me on en.wiki. Cheers. Kaldari (talk) 21:21, 23 五月 2013 (UTC)


  上片講到有字客家語維基百科肚嘅字體問題。𠊎又想起來,邇係毋係撈語言名稱有關?客家語名稱依然採用西文羅馬字表示,做毋做得用改用漢字表示?--Anson2812 (talk) 15:14, 21 六月 2013 (UTC)
  上擺講到名稱嘅問題。感謝汝在邇方面對𠊎兜人嘅幫助。 --Anson2812 (talk) 06:20, 23 六月 2013 (UTC)