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User:Mnemonic kek (貢獻)[Kói ngièn-sṳ́-mâ]

  • English: I wish to nominate User:Mnemonic, a native Hakka speaker from Malaysia as Administrator for hakka wikipedia. Here are his contributions to date. I myself wish to resign as Administrator so User:Mnemonic would be another suitable candidate and be able to help support new Hakka editors who are currently living Southeast Asian countries. --Hakka (talk) 06:36, 2 Ńg-ngie̍t 2013 (UTC)[回覆]

(+) 贊成/Chan-sṳ̀n (Support)[Kói ngièn-sṳ́-mâ]

(-) 反對/Fán-tui (Oppose)[Kói ngièn-sṳ́-mâ]

Questions for the candidate Mnemonic kek by the community[Kói ngièn-sṳ́-mâ]

1. What admin work do you intend to take part in?
A: Thanks for your questions. I think I still used to take part in non-admin work like create and correct the articles. Based on my observation, Hakka Wikipedia still requires more active users to produce more quality articles. The issue on how to attract more users involve in Hakka Wikipedia will be our main concern.
2. What are your best contributions to Wikipedia, and why?
A: My contributions to Wikipedia are more on article works which mostly in other languages. For Hakka Wikipedia, what I done so far were translating the existing article which written in Romanized Hakka script into Hakka Chinese Character to synchronize the contents of both versions. Sorry that I can't do more on romanized script version because I will take much time during key in the Romanized Taiwanese Hakka script.
3. Have you been in any conflicts over editing in the past or have other users caused you stress? How have you dealt with it and how will you deal with it in the future?
A: Yes. I faced that problems before where some users (most of them are ip users) tend to give some wrong information which will mislead the others without any citation and reference. At the beginning I tried to argue with them in the talk page, later I found that they don't even care what I had written there (or maybe they don't use to access to the talk page). Most of the time I simply corrected their mistakes while added in my justifications and request for citation if that user insist what he/she provided is correct in the edit summary. So far there is no any big conflict occur with other users. If such conflict occur I will try to discuss with them in user page or take page until we reach a consensus hopefully.
4. Is Hakka Wikipedia currently accessible to Hakka speakers from Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia? If so, how do you plan to invite them to come and participate here?
A: Yes. There is no accessibility issue for Malaysian Hakka to Hakka Wikipedia. I had tried to promote Hakka Wikipedia within my Malaysian Hakka friends and I found that they couldn't understand the content written by Romanized Hakka Script. Since we have Hakka Character version of Hakka Wikipedia now, I plan to promote the Hakka Wikipedia in the like Cari Forum, JB Talks and Facebook where quite a number of Malaysian users there.
5. Will you continue to show respect for Hakka users who have different script preferences and to maintain the current parallel multi-script policy (Hakka Chinese characters, Romanized Taiwanese Siyen Hakka and Romanized Hong Kong Moiyen Hakka and so on) after you have become Administrator?
A: Of course. I understand that they are some Hakka people (like some Indonesian Hakka) who don't understand Chinese Character and Romanized Hakka Script will be the solution for them.

意見/Yi-kien[Kói ngièn-sṳ́-mâ]

  • Yes check.svg Vàn-sṳ̀n,有效票1張,支持票1張,反對票0張。--Engle躍】 13:09, 29 一月 2016 (UTC)