Heinrich Böll

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Heinrich Böll
Mû-ngî-miàng Heinrich Böll
Chhut-se-ngit 1917-ngièn 12-ngie̍t 21-ngit Edit this on Wikidata
Chhut-se-thi Cologne Edit this on Wikidata
Ko-sṳ̂n-ngit 1985-ngièn 7-ngie̍t 16-ngit Edit this on Wikidata (67-se)
Ko-sṳ̂n-thi Langenbroich Edit this on Wikidata
Koet-sit Tet-koet Edit this on Wikidata
voi kóng Tet-ngî Edit this on Wikidata
chûng-kau Thiên-chú-kau Edit this on Wikidata
Mû-káu 科隆大學 Edit this on Wikidata
Chṳt-ngia̍p 填詞人, 編劇, 譯者, 詩人, 小說家, 作家 Edit this on Wikidata
chok-phín Billiards at Half-past Nine, 喪失了名譽的卡塔琳娜, The Clown, Q1195632, The Train Was on Time, Stranger, Bear Word to the Spartans We…, The Silent Angel, And where were you, Adam?, Black Sheep, Christmas Not Just Once a Year, The Balek Scales, And Never Said a Word, House without Guardians, The Bread of Those Early Years, Irish Journal, Valley of Thundering Hooves, Those Without Traces, Zimpren Station, Doctor Murkes total silence, When War Broke Out, When the War was Over, Distance to the Troop, End of a Mission, Domestic Disturbance, Group Portrait with Lady, Reports on the Nation's Disposition, The Safety Net, What's to Become of the Boy?, A Soldier's Legacy, Women in a river landscape. A novel in dialogues and soliloquies, Cross Without Love Edit this on Wikidata
Pû-ngiòng Annemarie Böll Edit this on Wikidata
Chṳ́-ńg René Böll, Raimund Böll Edit this on Wikidata

Heinrich Böll (1917-ngièn 12-ngie̍t 21-ngit – 1985-ngièn 7-ngie̍t 16-ngit) he Tet-koet ke yit-chak chok-kâ. Kì chhai 1972-ngièn tet-to Nobel Vùn-ho̍k Chióng.